About Us

Let’s begin our story...

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. Miss  Lemon, widely known for efficient secretarial services to the marvellous Hercule Poirot, is our alter ego. Some of you may know that sadly Miss Christie finally dispensed with Mr Poirot in the novel Curtain and so Miss Lemon found herself rather unexpectedly unemployed. But like all good novels, there has been a plot twist, and Miss Lemon found gainful employment. Remarkably Miss Lemon met another Miss Lemon! And the coincidences do not stop there. Having become firm friends while working in tourism, both had a super idea. And where did this idea first occur? Why in the sea of course, while swimming at Agatha Christie’s favourite swimming spot – Beacon Cove, in her beloved Torquay.

Now both of us admire Agatha, who really was the most extraordinary woman. Known as the Queen of Crime, the novelist wrote 66 crime stories, over 150 short stories, 20 plays, 6 romantic novels, many poems and 2 autobiographies and her work is only outsold in the world by the Bible and Shakespeare. Born in beautiful Torquay on the English Riviera, Agatha spent her childhood and early years by the seaside. As well as writing, she was a prolific traveller and went to places many people would still consider remote today – and she did so when travelling was so much more complicated. Yet Agatha always returned to Devon and her Greenway home was the place she described as the “loveliest place in the world.”

Now both of us share Agatha’s passion for the English Riviera and want to ensure our guests enjoy the coastline of course, but also discover the hidden gems. Through bespoke days out with English Riviera Custom Tours, we will ensure that you visit the most beautiful places. Each day will be tailored exactly for you, giving the opportunity to be accompanied by expert local guides, to hear wonderful tales and have experiences not offered in the tourist brochures. We will be pleased to arrange as much or as little as you want – to be with you as your travel companion or just appear with a sumptuous hamper as you picnic on the beach. With our efficient zest for perfection, we will organise everything you wish. With the utmost discretion, we can arrange all your bookings and add special touches to ensure your holiday is totally custom made. We organise and prepare these experiences for two people and our prices are on that basis. We wish your adventure to be personal. Should you wish to travel with friends, please let us know and we will be pleased to quote separately for a group of four or even more! 

Your time on the English Riviera will be your own story – we recommend every adventure begins with our introduction day, but your journey is your own unique experience. So let us help you with the plot lines! We have created lots of chapters and recommend you choose either one chapter, three or five different chapters. Or even a part of each chapter – or all of them as you wish! You can choose to complete the chapters in any order, or even return another time to add to your story. After all, you are deciding how this story ends…

A bientot mon ami!